7th January, 2018 - 19:28

Vintage dots

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prick3 prick prick4 prick2 // Gina Tricot pants, HERE // Vans shoes, HERE // Lois jeans jacket // Na-kd sweater, HERE // Accessorize earrings //

Here comes an outfit that I wore when me and Eric spent a day out in the desert in Dubai. It was pretty cold out there, so that's why I wore both a sweater + a jacket. These sunglasses are my favorites ones among my sunglasses collection. Bought them on a market in Italy. Love when you find great things on markets, I always feel so unique.

Tomorrow we'll have to get up early here in Mauritius, because we're going out with buggies in a nature reserve near the hotel. I'll tell you more tomorrow. HUGS ♥

28th November, 2017 - 23:00

Clothes for all Winter parties

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170928 MasterJohan3172 / Red dress, HERE /

170928 MasterJohan2911 Lovisa's wearing: / Jumpsuit, HERE / Heels, HERE /

Molly's wearing: / Dress, HERE / Heels, HERE /

170928 MasterJohan3565170928 MasterJohan3478 / Pink dress, HERE / Heels, HERE / Faux Fur, HERE /

As you know by now me, Molly and Lovisa are facing Bubblerooms New Year's campaign. It was so much fun shooting it!! I got to wear so many amazing dresses and I just loved every second of it. My favorite one became this red sequin maxi dress. Very different but I really felt like a million bucks in it. Perfect if you wanna go all the way for New Year's.

At Bubbleroom you can find clothes for ALL Winter parties. ♥

__Here comes some extra favorites for New Year's: __ winter / 1, HERE / 2, HERE / 3, HERE / 4, HERE / 5, HERE / 6, HERE /

9th October, 2017 - 20:28

All blue

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EWALDTON 051017 51647 EWALDTON 051017 51660 EWALDTON 051017 51627 EWALDTON 051017 51721 EWALDTON 051017 51742 EWALDTON 051017 51643 EWALDTON 051017 51706 EWALDTON 051017 51784EWALDTON 051017 51623 Photos by Ellen Waldton: / Glitter scrunchie / Envii jeans, HERE / Puma sneakers / Bikbok coat, HERE / Chanel bag /

Hi babes!

Soon I'm going to put on an episode of "Designated Survivor". But first I wanted to share this cozy outfit with you. The coat is the one that Elsa Hosk designed for Bikbok and it is sooo cozy!! I feel like a little teddy bear in it. I matched it with a total blue outfit. We don't even need to talk about the jeans. THE MOST comfortable pair of jeans I've ever owned. And they're quite different from the rest of all the jeans I own.


16th September, 2017 - 08:30

Flower dress + boots

/ Photos by Stella Cocozza /

N redigerad2 N redigerad1 N redigerad3 N redigerad6 N redigerad4 N redigerad8 N redigerad5 / D&G bag / DEICHMANN boots / H&M dress / GINA TRICOT jacket, HERE (adlink) /

Good morning babes! Here's an outfit I shot together with Stella just before I started my interrailing trip. I love to match cute dresses with boots, to make it look a bit cooler. I'm so happy that I'm going to Morocoo this week, that means that I can wear dresses a bit longer, and extend the summer a liiiittle bit more. I don't want it to be fall yet.

Right now I'm in Zürich and in a few hours it's time to go home. I've been missing Eric so much, I just wanna hug him to death hhaha! Now I need to take a quick shower and then we need to check out. HUGS ♥

12th September, 2017 - 08:15

Fall clothes I like

fall Adlinks: / 1, HERE / 2, HERE / 3, HERE / 4, HERE / 5, HERE / 6, HERE / 7, HERE / 8, HERE /

Okay, it can not be denied anymore, the fall has finally got to Sweden. Right now I'm in Italy to extend the summer a bit more. I'm. Not. Ready. For. Fall.

I'm thrilled about the fall because it means a "new" chapter and a lot of fun work & travels ahead. On the other hand, I hate the fall, because that means winter will come quite soon. I'm not meant to live in a cold country, yet I've been surviving the winter for 20 years. It's crazy. &Hearts;

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