3rd February, 2017 - 17:31

Weekend plans

week2 week5 week week6 week3 The weekend is here!! I thought it would be fun to share with you what my plans for this weekend. You seem to like that kind of stuff, am I right?

__Friday: __ Is today. I've had 2 meetings today. One with Glitter, we talked about my social media plan with them (since I'm their ambassador in Scandinavia). After the meeting with Glitter I met up with a really cute girl who might start to blog here at Smack Mag. You would love here, so I hope she'll start here soon. Except that I've been answering a lot of e-mails. Then we got our nightstands delivered today. We bought some new ones a couple of weeks ago since our old ones were really old and destroyed. Finally our bedroom lookes good again! And in 30 minutes I'm gonna met my friend Elin to have some taco dinner tonight. YUMMIEEE!!

Saturday: Tomorrow me, Eric, Mom and Dad will have lunch with some family friends. So fun to have lunch all 8 of us! Me and Claudia (the daugther in the family) we've known each other since we were like 4 months old. That's really crazy! Then I might try to go a quicky to the gym. We'll see.. hahah! And then for the night I don't have any plans yet. I think me and Eric will just have a dinner out, just the 2 of us.

Sunday: I will just stay home and do nothing. Just gonna prepare some stuff for a big collaboration I'm doing that will come out on Monday. And then we'll have dinner at my parents house with some family friends. Nice, right?

I'm gonna be a lot with my family this weekend. Really looking forward to that. I love spending time with my family. Talk tomorrow. HUGS ♥

30th January, 2017 - 23:00

Smack Mag release

smacksmack4smack3 Photographer: Herman Caroan

Hi and welcome everyone!

As you might see, the blog is totally different. A new start means a new design. I bet it feels as weird for me as for you. But I really hope that you'll like this new design. Feels cool and fresh. Please comment if theres any issues for you with the blog or if something seems weird just let me know.

I launched SMACK MAG (GO CHECK IT OUT!!!) today. My own little secret project that I've been writing a lot about. Feels like my baby. I've been working so hard with this one!!

Smack Mag is an online magazine that will be focusing on young women that likes fashion, beauty and to travel. We are gonna uppdate daily with new content and new articles. It's gonna be so much fun that you guys are going to join my on my journey.

Later this spring some other bloggers will be joining me here at Smack Mag. Having a lot of meeting with some really cool girls. I will just pick out bloggers that I truly believe in!

Smack Mag it's just the beginning of a big imperium. This is not a blog platform nor a magazine. Smack Mag is a blogazine!

Then I want to thank a lot of different people. Thank you Spalt Pr for believing in my and for taking me on. And a special thank you to Csilla from Spalt. Without her this wouldn't have work. She's helped me with everything. Thanks to Silverback Media that made my kick ass logo, thanks to Herman that made my release videos and Ellen that has helped me with almost all photos here and on Smack, Demi that is my chef editor. And last I wanna give my mom, dad and Eric a big hug for always supporting me and believing in me. HUGS ♥

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