30th April, 2018 - 06:49

My 21st birthday in Las Vegas

Feels so weird that I'm 21 right now. It's crazy. Time really flies, don't you agree?


Yesterday it was my birthday. For a long time I've been wishing to celebrate my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. So I'm really thankful and happy that I had the opportunity to be here in Vegas together with Eric, my sister and some friends. I've couldn't wish for more.

IMG 3750-1

The day started with me getting chocolate pancakes in the bed, some flowers from my lovely friends Christian & Oksana and balloons + strawberries from mom & dad. Guess if those strawberries disappeared fast.. Heheh, I can promise they did!

IMG 3752

After a really good start of my birthday we went to the legendary brunch spot Peppermill. I wasn't so hungry (not so strange since I ate both pancakes + strawberries) so I just ordered a drink and some mozzarella sticks.


When we were done at Peppermill it was time to go to a suprise that Eric had arranged. Which was.... ESCAPE ROOM. We had so much fun. A bit difficult since our mother tounge isn't English, but oterwhise it was fun. We managed to do about 60% of the room, which is pretty good if you ask me. I definitely wanna try this at home!!

IMG 3755-1 IMG 3753-1

And OFC I had to play a bit in the casino. You only turn 21 once ;) I even won 60 dollars in the casino, on my first try on the slot machine. As you can understand I was super happy hahah!

IMG 3754

When I got my money we went up to the room to change and to go to the restaurant Lago at Bellagio to have dinner. They had a great Italian tapas concept. I really recommend you to go there. After the dinner we went to the Absinthe show. Best show I've ever seen!! I had a PERFECT 21st birthday.

THANK YOU for everyone that did my day special. You'll see everything soon in a vlog. ♥

26th March, 2018 - 16:49

Malibu sunset

malibu2 malibu malibu5 malibu7 malibu3 malibu6

Los Angeles is treating us so good!! We've been having it great so far! Just relaxing, strolling around and having good food. Yesterday evening we went to Malibu right on time to see the sunset and it was so magical as you can see. A bit to windy and cold (only +13 yesterday), but I was happy anyway. After the amazing sunset we went to the restaurant Geoffrey's to have dinner.

Now it's time to take a shower and then we're heading to Abbot Kinney Blvd to find a breakfast place. HUGS ♥

23rd March, 2018 - 11:39

Hello Los Angeles

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Hi babes! Right now I'm at the airport and now it's time to board our 12 h trip to Los Angeles. I'm so looking forward to this trip!! Have nice dinners, be in the sun and just enjoy. HUGS ♥

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